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CoolBreeze™ Portable Turbo Jet Ice Cold Fan

CoolBreeze™ Portable Turbo Jet Ice Cold Fan

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Experience Refreshing Breezes Anywhere: Upgrade your comfort with our handheld high-speed turbo fan, delivering a powerful airflow of up to 6 meters per second.
Long-Lasting Cooling Companion: Equipped with a robust 3600mAh battery, our portable fan boasts an impressive runtime of over 6 hours on a single charge.
Innovative Ice-Cool Technology: Stay cool in the heat with our fan's unique ice-cooling function, reducing the surface temperature to as low as 18°C. 

Product Information:
Power type: lithium battery
Noise: 45-50dB (included)
Color: white, light blue
Rated Voltage: 22.5
Number of blades: 3
Rated Power: 10
Specification: 60*52 * 184mm
Operation mode: Touch
Applicable area: Handheld
Fan Speed Mode: 3 gears

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The Solution to Summer Heat

With the CoolBreeze™ by your side, Scorching summer days are no match for your comfort. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the move, enjoy a refreshing breeze whenever you need it most.

Stay Cool Anywhere!

Stay cool on-the-go with our portable air cooler. Beat the heat wherever life takes you!

Enhanced comfort

Create your cool oasis with our mini air conditioner. Perfect for work, home, or anywhere you need relief.

WhisperCool Oasis: Transform Your Space

Discover the bliss of perfect cooling with the CoolBreeze™ Portable Colling Fan. Designed for ultimate tranquility, it provides a soothing, quiet breeze that refreshes your space instantly. Sleek and energy-efficient, this fan turns any room into a sanctuary of calm and comfort. Experience serenity like never before.

Breeze of Serenity

Immerse in tranquil comfort with the CoolBreeze™ Portable Cooling Fan. Experience the whisper-quiet, refreshing breeze that cools your space effortlessly. Sleek, powerful, and energy-efficient, it transforms your room into a serene oasis. Embrace the perfect blend of style and functionality, ensuring comfort with every breath.

Have a Question? We have answers

How do I use the CoolBreeze™

Staying cool with the CoolBreeze is very simple!

1. Plug in the CoolBreeze with the included USB cable.

2. Fill the top tray with ice cubes or cold water to the top of the fill line.

3. Turn on the CoolBreeze and adjust the fan to your desired speed. direction, and lighting.

Then you're all set to chill and relax!

Is the CoolBreeze™ Suitable For Outdoor Use?

Yes! The CoolBreeze™ is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It's compact and portable design makes it the perrfect companion for outdoor activities such as picnics, camping, and sports events.

How do I clean my CoolBreeze™

Cleaning your CoolBreeze™ is simple. Just make sure the device is turned off and unplugged, then gently wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as these may damage the device.

What if the CoolBreeze™ isn't for me?

At CoolBreeze™, we stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our products. That's why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on your purchase of the CoolBreeze™ Portable Cooling Fan. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of reciept

You can contact us at to request a refund and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

CoolBreeze™ in Action...

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Quincy Yundt

It's so good. It's hard.

Alysa Abbott

All right. Thank you. Ensena satisfaction.

Isabell Sauer

Very nice, build quality is good and durable. Fast shipping!

Ida Boehm

It is smaller than I thought and more sound than I thought.